Class II Division 1 Treatment Without Extraction
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Patient has severe teeth protrusion with retruded chin, orthodontic treatment without extraction in conjunction with class II correction appliance to improve patient's facial profile
Class II division 1 malocclusion is one of the most common dental malocclusions. Patients with class II division 1 usually present with underlying skeletal discrepancy between maxilla and mandible. The lower jaw is positioned far back from the upper jaw. This results in a crowded lower arch and a retruded chin. Along with the incorrectly positioned jaw bones, the teeth are also misaligned. The lower teeth are far behind the upper teeth, the upper front teeth are significantly protruded (buck teeth). The treatment of skeletal class II division 1 depends upon the age of the patient, patientís facial profile, growth potential, severity of malocclusion, and compliance of patient with treatment. In growing individuals, growth modification procedures can be carried out before the cessation of active growth to correct the skeletal discrepancy using functional appliances like Herbst, MARA, Forsus or Jasper Jumper.
Class II Division 1 "Buck Teeth"
Correct dental protrusion without teeth extraction
Patient's facial profile improves significantly
Patient's facial profile improves significantly
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