Class III (Underbite) Treatment Without Extraction Nor Surgery
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Patient's underbite is correct without extraction nor surgery
A crossbite or underbite is a condition when you bite down your upper teeth fall behind your lower teeth. It can happen in front (anterior crossbite) or in the back (posterior crossbite) and one side (unilateral) or both sides (bilateral) of the jaw. Crossbite can involve a single tooth or multiple teeth and it can be related to dental, skeletal origin, or both. In young patients it is often treated with skeletal expansion on the upper arch followed by braces to align their teeth. However, in adult patients jaw surgery is often needed to correct it. A crossbite is more than just a cosmetic imperfection; it could result in many conditions such as TMJ, loose teeth, receding gums, excessive wear of enamel on permanent teeth, and asymmetrical growth of your face and jaw.
Patient has severe underbite recommended by other clinician to wait for orthognathic surgery. She is treated by Dr Nguyen without extraction nor surgery
Another underbite patient was treated without extraction nor surgery
Maxillary dentition angulation
Mandibular dentition angulation
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