Incomplete Teeth Transposition
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Tooth transposition occurs when adjacent teeth switch position, especially the roots, or when a tooth develops or erupts in a position normally occupied by another tooth. It can be complete transposition (the roots are completely switched) or incomplete transposition (the crowns are switched but not the roots). It occurs much more often in the maxilla than the mandible and most common among the canines and lateral incisors or premolars. Treatment of teeth transposition depends on case-to-case basis.
Patient has incomplete transposed on #10 &11 treated without extraction
nguyenorthodontics001017.jpg nguyenorthodontics011006.jpg nguyenorthodontics001015.jpg nguyenorthodontics037005.jpg nguyenorthodontics011004.jpg nguyenorthodontics011003.jpg nguyenorthodontics001011.jpg nguyenorthodontics011002.jpg